Real Men Wear Pink in Lake Orion

Breast cancer affects everyone. That’s why Real Men Wear Pink, a distinguished group of community leaders, is determined to raise awareness and money to support our mission to save more lives than ever from breast cancer.

When communities unite to fight breast cancer, great things happen. By tapping into the power of pink, Real Men Wear Pink has raised over $6.5 million that can help provide free transportation to treatment, a live 24/7 helpline for answers and support, breakthrough research, and so much more. 

Real Men Wear Pink gives men a leadership role in the fight against breast cancer. Community leaders around the nation use the power of pink to raise awareness and money for the American Cancer Society's breast cancer initiatives, including innovative research, patient services, and education around screenings and risk reduction. It's one important way we're attacking cancer from every angle.

As a Real Men Wear Pink candidate, leaders commit to:

- Wearing pink throughout October 
- Raising awareness for the cause through their social media networks
- Raising a minimum of $2,500 to help the American Cancer Society fight breast cancer


We all know how much passion our community leaders in Lake Orion have and the causes they support. The Real Men Wear Pink campaign is one of those causes that Lake Orion stands behind. Within the last few years they have been bringing awareness and engaging with the community. In 2017, Matt Pfeiffer raised around $15,000 in donations throughout his campaign. In 2018, Garrett Hoffman raised around $12,000 in donations throughout his campaign. In 2019, Matt and Garrett teamed up with Aaron Whatley and Jerry Narsh to raise $21,241. Matt and Garrett are back and have joined forces with Jordan Knudsen for the 2020 campaign.


2021 Real Men Wear Pink: Lake Orion
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Matt Pfeiffer

Owner/Operator of Northern Flooring

Matt is a local community leader with a big heart and passion for success and contribution. Matt is awesome. You might have seen him around town, on the lake, or most likely on his popular Live Happy Hour show.


  • 2021 Real Men Wear Pink Ambassador

  • 2020 Real Men Wear Pink Ambassodor

  • 2019 Real Men Wear Pink Ambassador

  • 2018 Real Men Wear Pink Ambassador

  • 2017 Real Men Wear Pink Ambassador


Jordan Knudsen

Operator @ Legacy 925


Jordan is the guy you need to know.

You might have seen him swimming across an ice cold lake in October while chugging ice cold Seltzers. Ask him why?

  • 2021 Real Men Wear Pink Ambassador

  • 2020 Real Men Wear Pink Ambassodor


John Carson

Chief Talent Director @ Orion.Events

John wears a lot of hats when they fit correctly. You probably ran into him at live shows because he is usually at every single one. He has a passion for excellence and believes in the showbiz mantra "The Show Must Go On" 


  • 2021 Real Men Wear Pink Ambassador


Ryan Mansfield

Owner/Operator Blaster Masters, LLC

Ryan Mansfield has lived in the Lake Orion Community since 2010. Ryan is a small business owner and operates a Deck Restoration & Power Wash Company as well as a DJ Entertainment Service, both since 2012. Prior to that, he has over 15 years of automotive industry experience working for top suppliers and OEMs. Ryan earned his Masters of Business Administration Degree (MBA) from Wash College in 2005. His wife Trinette of 8 years is a breast cancer survivor, and together they have 5 children from previous marriages. This is Ryan’s first year as a Real Men Wear Pink Ambassador. He hopes to make a difference by generating fun and excitement to the team and to the cause.  

  • 2021 Real Men Wear Pink Ambassador


Dave Klonke

Owner/Operator RightHookBrand.com


Dave Klonke has spent his entire life in southeastern Michigan and moved to Lake Orion in 2018. He’ll be the first to admit that this community is unlike any other place he’s ever lived. Whether he’s rolling his garbage cans out to the curb or dining downtown, he quickly realized people are always stopping to say hi and up for a chat.


It’s that sense of community and the charitable possibilities that has Dave excited about being a Real Men of Orion team member.


A lifelong entrepreneur, Dave has owned his own company since 1999 and currently runs Right Hook, a marketing and branded merchandise firm, based in both Lake Orion and St. Petersburg, Florida. He and his wife, Sindy, have four children; Kaitlyn (25), Colton (21), Max (17) and Sam (15). When they’re not working, you can find the Klonkes on their pontoon on Lake Orion, traveling to Florida for work and play, or fostering puppies.

  • 2021 Real Men Wear Pink Ambassador


"Whether you’re a mother or father, or a husband or a son, or a niece or a nephew or uncle, breast cancer doesn’t discriminate." – Stephanie McMahon


Our Mission

Real Men of Orion's mission is to achieve health justice for all women and men at risk of and living with breast cancer.


Our Vision

A world where lives and communities aren’t threatened by breast cancer. 

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